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Digital and Printable Journal Cover | Notebook Cover | GoodNotes | Canva Template

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Digital and Printable Journal Cover | Notebook Cover | GoodNotes | Canva Template

Upgrade your notebook or journal with these unique and high-quality digital and printable covers today!


This customizable 3 Set Planner / Journal Cover is sure to elevate your planning and note taking experience. Tailor the cover to your liking utilizing my Canva Template, and effortlessly import it into your preferred planner apps, such as Goodnotes and Notability, for seamless integration, as well as being printable for your convenience. Whether you prefer the digital realm or the tangible pages of a physical notebook, get ready to embark on a journey of productivity and organization with a cover that reflects your individual style and aspirations.

What's Included:

3 file formats:

✔️ 3 PNG Front & Back Covers

✔️ 3 JPG Front & Back Covers

✔️ 3 PDF Front & Back Print Covers


✔️ 6 x 9 in

✔️ 8.5 x 11 in

Canva Link:

✔️ Canva Link (to modify to your liking)


Works with popular note-taking apps like GoodNotes, Notability, Note Shelf, and others. Works seamlessly on both IOS and Android tablets with support for file storage and note-taking apps.

PRINTING: To print your cover, simply download the file and print it at home or send it to a local or online printing service. We recommend checking out popular printing services like Staples, Office Depot, or FedEx Office. Our covers are available in various sizes and formats to fit your needs. 

TERMS OF USE: Personal and Commercial Use. Please do not sell, share or redistribute my designs and this listing.


This/These digital artwork(s) have been created by artist Jallel Evans Selects Digital, but I, Kathy Dahdal, owner of Queen’s Educational Resources and Queen’s Clipart Gallery, have EXCLUSIVE rights over the images and am the only authorized seller of this/these image(s).


You will receive a zip file containing all the individual images.


These beautiful images have been created by artist Edward Evans Selects Digital, however, Kathy Dahdal, owner of Queen's Clipart Gallery and Queen's Educational Resources, is the only COPYRIGHT OWNER of these images! ;-) My Certificate of Ownership is included in the file! Queen's Clipart Gallery and Queen's Educational Resources, owned by Kathy Dahdal, is the ONLY authorized seller of this cliparts/artwork.

These graphics MAY be used for personal and commercial use. No additional licenses are required, however, if used commercially for any project, you MUST give credit to Queen's Clipart Gallery.

✅ How Can I Use These Images?

★ This purchase is for personal and commercial use.
★ You CAN use these illustrations for your personal/commercial projects including, but not limited to, shirts, mugs, card making, planners, blogs, stickers, websites, paper products, apparel, home décor, and much more.
★ You CAN print these illustrations on different items: phone cases, T-shirts, cups, notebooks, planners, stickers, or create educational resources (worksheets, PowerPoint, coverpages, etc.) with them.
★ You CAN use these clipart images/designs as part of your commercial projects and products with the intent to sell for profit, however, credit must be given to Queen's Clipart Gallery or Queen’s Educational Resources. (You may NOT use my images and designs for commercial use without crediting any one of my shops.)

❌ You May NOT:

★ You may NOT sell any PNG/JPG/SVG/Digital Files that includes any of my images in their original or modified version. The end products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with my shop.
★ You are NOT ALLOWED to sell my artwork on any social media platforms, private chats using any social network or others, Telegram, or upload my work to any automated merchandise marketplaces.
★ You may NOT make public or share my illustrations (in their original or modified version) in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute my art as a standalone file. It is strictly PROHIBITED.
★ You may NOT claim my clipart and designs as your own work.
★ You may NOT sell my clipart and designs as part of any other clipart.
★ You may NOT re-sell, share, claim, transfer, loan, copy, or give away any of my images in this shop or my other shops.

Usage is monitored frequently to prevent abuse. Violating my Terms of Use will be considered as copyright infringement and will be reported.

❗ Important:

★ NO physical material will be shipped. The file is ready for you to download as soon as your order is confirmed.
★ The watermark will not appear in your file.
★ Please note that due to monitor and printer settings, the colors you see on your screen might differ from the final printed product.
★ Downloaded products are non-refundable.
★ You are responsible for determining if these files are compatible with your software.

✨✨ ALL COPYRIGHTS RESERVED! Kathy Dahdal, owner of Queen's Clipart Gallery and Queen's Educational Resources is the ONLY authorized seller of this/these cliparts/artwork/designs. The illicit sale of my cliparts/artwork/designs is forbidden and ILLEGAL. I reserve the right to prosecute anyone infringing on my own copyright.

❤️ Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I am always happy to help. :) My email is:

✨ Queen's Clipart Gallery Is Owned and Operated By: Queen's Resources LLC

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