About Me

My name is Kathy Dahdal and I am an educational content creator and clipart seller. I am the owner of the online educational store Queen’s Educational Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, Made By Teachers, and Classful. I am also the COPYRIGHT OWNER of all clipart/illustrations sold on Queen's Clipart Gallery and Queen's Educational Resources.

My journey through entrepreneurship has led me to become focused on how inspirational art can be. My goal was to implement, through my work, a highly engaging and beneficial experience for everyone. As I was designing my own educational resources, I came across a lot of clipart that I purchased and used to enhance my educational products. Upon recognizing how beautiful clipart looked on my own commercial use educational resources, I was inspired to start uniting with artists to create unique clipart, and then sell them so that people could use them for their own creative personal and commercial use projects.

This became the origin of Queen's Clipart Gallery.

In time, I began collaborating with talented artists across the nation. I would solicit my ideas and visions to the creators, and they would then devise art from them. Once an idea was set into motion, I would obtain the necessary copyright protection (complete and full COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP of the artwork) and sell them in my own stores. This work has made me proud to have the opportunity to offer an array of art to fellow creators around the globe that not only represents a variety of cultures and art forms, but allows creators to use my art in their creative projects.

Kathy Dahdal, owner of Queen's Clipart Gallery and Queen's Educational Resources, is the only Copyright Owner and authorized seller of ALL clipart/artwork on this store.

  • Kathy Dahdal

    Educational Content Creator and Clipart Seller